Hauntology and feminism during the residency

What has continued to resonate and remain central to my accounts of the residency in Varjakka is the proposition of there being ghosts present. I am not a believer in phantoms in their literal sense but loved the idea of ‘channeling’ the women who’d lost their lives doing dangerous work at the saw mill onContinue reading “Hauntology and feminism during the residency”

Kiitos viisaat paikalliset naiset

We had been together (the artists, Hanna, Pontus and I, and the hosts Taikabox and Julian) in Varjakka for a few days when the suggestion arose of working with a small local group. Taikabox have a growing relationship with some people from Oulu who do outdoor and creative activities together in order to tackle feelingsContinue reading “Kiitos viisaat paikalliset naiset”

Frames – Listening 5.8.21

Performed and choreographed by: Hannah Sampé, Emma Lewis-Jones & Pontus LinderScore and edit: Pontus Linder On the last day of our residency we shot this video, with the ambition to try to explore some of the ideas that had resonated with us. The score was built on the idea of listening and responding to theContinue reading “Frames – Listening 5.8.21”

Disposable Bodies or: the tragic death of 20 women and girls.

It is 12.07 and we are leaving the ferry, or “Lossi” as it is called here on the shore of Varjakka Island. We – that is a group of tourists and international artists that have come to explore Varjakka Island, which was once home to the biggest sawmill in Northern Europe and which is nowContinue reading “Disposable Bodies or: the tragic death of 20 women and girls.”

Dreaming past the anthropocene

A study on rest/ on moulding / on patience/ on observing weight / on negotiating discomfort / on softening / on trusting that relaxation will come eventually / on realizing: my body is material, is matter What happens, if we withdraw from producing and leave nature to itself? What happens, if we leave ourselves be?Continue reading “Dreaming past the anthropocene”

The Office of Dreams

The week on the island of Varjakka was marked with some amazing explorations of the old Konttori (office) building, the heart of the island and Warjakka Art Lab by TaikaBox and Warjakka Art Residency within the CROWD international dance exchange. Dance artists Emma Lewis-Jones, Pontus Linder and Hannah Sampe have been exploring the sites ofContinue reading “The Office of Dreams”


From July 26th – August 6th, three artists will begin their CROWD journey together in the small village of Varjakka on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia, about 18km SouthWest of Oulu, Northern Finland. Varjakka has a school, harbour, manor house, bar and is currently home to around 400 households.A small deserted Island sits justContinue reading “FIRST RESIDENCY: VARJAKKA, FINLAND”