CROWD 2021 Artists attend Tanzkongress 2022

Following their CROWD residencies in 2021, the Goethe-Institut successfully nominated the original CROWD dance artists to attend this year’s Tanzkongress – Sharing Potentials in Mainz, an event by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation), in cooperation with the Staatstheater Mainz, supported by the Goethe-Institut. We’re delighted that five of our six original CROWDContinue reading “CROWD 2021 Artists attend Tanzkongress 2022”

CROWD – an international community of engaged practices

by Dr. Victor Fung As a member of the inaugural edition of CROWD, I was excited by the opportunity to explore what the network ought to represent as a collective. To be amongst fellow dance artists who were interested in working in a community-engaged way was refreshing; when the art world is often preoccupied withContinue reading “CROWD – an international community of engaged practices”

Work it- Dance, Community and Capitalism

by Hannah Sampé One of the things that struck me when looking back at our many questions and insights we shared during the CROWD exchange, is the realisation that as romantic as community- based art making sounds, the role of the conditions of labour and the role of economies around dance projects is not toContinue reading “Work it- Dance, Community and Capitalism”

Was heißt denn hier Community?!

Community, dieses Wort habe ich, vor meiner Residenz, eigentlich immer ziemlich unbedacht benutzt. Im Tanzkontext meinte ich damit Projekte, an denen Nicht-Professionelle Tänzer beteiligt sind, nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Es war mehr wie ein Label für mich, ohne genau auf die Inhaltsstoffe zu schauen. Dies hat sich durch CROWD grundlegend für mich verändert. InContinue reading “Was heißt denn hier Community?!”

Reflection on the 2021 #CROWDdance

by Pontus Linder dance artist from the 2021 edition of #CROWD This post aims to give future aspirants artists for the project and anyone else interested an insight in my personal experience. CROWD is a series of residencies that provide an opportunity for community-based dance artists to share their practices and together discover new andContinue reading “Reflection on the 2021 #CROWDdance”

A Quiet Start in Notts

A day with two of the six of CROWD. A gentle, nourishing morning with Usha in the studio exploring Skinner Releasing Technique and hands-on partner graphics. A relaxing, casual lunch at a local café sharing our backgrounds in movement practices and experiences in previous residencies. An intriguing, informative visit to the City of Caves discoveringContinue reading “A Quiet Start in Notts”