CROWD – an international community of engaged practices

by Dr. Victor Fung As a member of the inaugural edition of CROWD, I was excited by the opportunity to explore what the network ought to represent as a collective. To be amongst fellow dance artists who were interested in working in a community-engaged way was refreshing; when the art world is often preoccupied withContinue reading “CROWD – an international community of engaged practices”

A Quiet Start in Notts

A day with two of the six of CROWD. A gentle, nourishing morning with Usha in the studio exploring Skinner Releasing Technique and hands-on partner graphics. A relaxing, casual lunch at a local cafĂ© sharing our backgrounds in movement practices and experiences in previous residencies. An intriguing, informative visit to the City of Caves discoveringContinue reading “A Quiet Start in Notts”

Let’s start from the end

Our two-week residency at Dansateliers Rotterdam was a journey full of impulses, reflections, and interactions that gave us new ways of thinking about our work. We started thinking about community engaged / based practices as… spending time to find ways of relating to or interacting with people a way of finding our own urgencies andContinue reading “Let’s start from the end”