Banana on Air

Welcome to have laughs, smiles and move around to this recording of the SPIRAL SCRATCH radio show (if you missed it live for some reason) with a bunch of CROWDdance / Warjakka Art Residency artists Rita Marcalo, Silja Saga Maria Tuovinen, Julian Owusu and Tanja Råman chatting about community-based art making, artists’ residencies and Oulu’sContinue reading “Banana on Air”

Culture Never Gets Old

We were having a community-based event in Varjakka bay with the gorgeous artists and nice looking plan of multimedia jamming, and then experienced a surprising encounter. The same time we planned to jam and dance around Kalamaja Art Hub ran by TaikaBox, a big bunch of local pensioners came to the same space and startedContinue reading “Culture Never Gets Old”

Making Impossible Possible

The residency artists Silja Tuovinen and Rita Marcalo brought a lot of smiles, giggles, reflections and playful choreography today in Varjakka by holding a community dance workshop for an amazing community of people of different ages, genders, beliefs and backgrounds, all united by being open to creative explorations. After Silja encouraged everybody to relax byContinue reading “Making Impossible Possible”

Translating into Dance

The last Monday of #CROWDdance Finnish residency in Varjakka, Oulu, Northern Finland, was marked by translating art forms and multilingual communication into the language of dance. Rita, Silja, Julian and Tanja, for example, were creating a dance out of an image created by the young guest of Kalamaja Art Hub within Warjakka Art Residency toContinue reading “Translating into Dance”

Warjakka: art in the woods and the sands

Rita Marcalo and Silja Tuovinen have arrived in Varjakka, where TaikaBox is very lucky to be hosting Warjakka Art Residency, kickstarting the CROWD international dance exchange programme for 2022. Backed by TaikaBox’s Summer worker Niko Auvinen and the residency mentor – dance artist Julian Owusu – TaikaBox cofounders Tanja Råman and John Collingswood guided SiljaContinue reading “Warjakka: art in the woods and the sands”

The Office of Dreams

The week on the island of Varjakka was marked with some amazing explorations of the old Konttori (office) building, the heart of the island and Warjakka Art Lab by TaikaBox and Warjakka Art Residency within the CROWD international dance exchange. Dance artists Emma Lewis-Jones, Pontus Linder and Hannah Sampe have been exploring the sites ofContinue reading “The Office of Dreams”