Notes from the 2022 residency programme, CROWD – international dance exchange

Written by Maddy Costa, CROWD-SOURCED gathers some of the questions, actions, discoveries and commitments that emerged in the 2022 residencies in order to share these learnings more widely.

View the publication on Issuu or download it as a PDF.

Although written by one person, it draws on the words of many, shared in blogs and feedback correspondence, gathered on Jamboards, and spoken during zoom meetings and within short films. In choosing what to include and where to focus, I’ve been inspired by a question that emerged during the Scottish residency, pairing Alex McCabe and Stefanie Schwimmbeck: ‘If you trace the timeline / history of a community’s development with them, does this create space to dream better futures?’ My hope is that these traces of CROWD might give dance-makers outwith the programme materials for dreaming better futures too.‘ Maddy Costa

CROWD-SOURCED was written using information and insights captured through meetings and conversations between the CROWD partners, artists and facilitators, and in the CROWD 2022 blog which features written accounts and films that capture elements of the residency process.

View the publication on Issuu or download it as a PDF.

About Maddy Costa
Maddy Costa works in and around theatre as a writer, dramaturg, conversation facilitator and more. She is co-author of Performance in an Age of Precarity (Methuen, 2021), and has a particular interest in writing about community arts. As a dramaturg she has worked with artists including Paula Varjack, Selina Thompson and Rosie Elnile; she also collaborates with writers/artists Mary Paterson and Diana Damian Martin on interrelated projects Something Other and The Department of Feminist Conversations. She co-hosts a pop-up theatre club – like a book group, but for performance – at Cambridge Junction and at Omnibus Theatre in London.

Follow Maddy on Twitter @maddydeliqette

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