Looking back at CROWD 2022

CROWD – international dance exchange is a collaborative network of dance organisations, together seeking to support dance makers who engage with communities as part of their practice.

During the summer of 2022, the network supported its second cohort of dance artists to take part in a programme of residencies hosted by partners across Finland, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK.

The ten artists, Maya Dalinsky, Elsabet Yonas, Silja Tuovinen, Rita Marcalo, Alexander McCabe, Stefanie Schwimmbeck, Ásrún Magnúsdóttir, Amparo González Sola, Willie Stark and Bianca Hisse, worked in pairs to take part in two two-week residencies in a new context. In the short film below, the artists share a glimpse into their experiences and the impact it’s had on their current and future practice:

The artists and partners also captured elements of their residencies and shared insights into their exploration of community-engaged dance on the CROWD 2022 blog. Highlights include:

Two films created during Elsabet Yonas and Maya Dalinsky’s residency in Nottingham at FABRIC’s iC4C

A film created during Alex McCabe and Stefanie Schwimmbeck’s residency in Scotland, filmed in The Work Room and at Cove Park, there are also several posts written by the artists and their facilitator,  Emma Jayne Park which gives further insight into their time together

A documented conversation between Elsabet Yonas and Maya Dalinsky during their residency in Aarhus, Denmark, hosted by Bora Bora

‘a we’, a poem written by Amparo González Sola during her residency with Ásrún Magnúsdóttir’ at Dansverkstaedid, Reykjavik, Iceland

‘Culture Never Gets Old’ captures the moment a community-based multimedia jam and dance session collided with a gathering of local pensioners – one of many blogs from Silja Tuovinen and Rita Marcalo’s residency in Varjakka, Finland, hosted by TaikaBox

Extracts from Silja Tuovinen’s journal notes written during her residency with Rita Marcalo at Dance Limerick, Ireland

An interview with Alex McCabe and Stefanie Schwimmbeck captured during their residency at Tanzfaktur, Cologne

Visual insights into Willie Stark and Bianca Hisse’s residencies at Pottporus, Herne, Germany and Davvi – Centre for Performing Arts, Hammerfest, Norway

Explore the #CROWDdance 2022 blog here

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