CROWD Residency 2022 at TanzFaktur

A blog post from Nina Patricia Hänel who was the Facilitator working with dance artists Alex McCabe and Stefanie Schwimmbeck at Tanzfaktur, Cologne.

From 16th – 26th August Alex McCabe, based in Glasgow, and Stefanie Schwimmbeck, based in Cologne, continue their residency at Tanzfaktur Cologne. While the first week was focusing on networking, visiting performances of the festival tanz.tausch, getting to know each other and designing a frame for research and practice, the second week focuses on “diggin’ deeper” into both of their practices. Between movement researches, different feedback-formats, performative settings as a frames for self-reflection and negotiating one’s own question, while being witnessed, Alex and Stefanie elaborated and practiced co-facilitation with different groups and at different locations. At the core of that 2nd-part-residency is the wish to look into areas of your own practice, where one meets unknown territories and/or undiscovered ideas.

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