Possible definitions for the elements of a creative practice

This blog was written by Emma Jayne Park, facilitator for the Scottish CROWD residency with artists Alex McCabe and Stefanie Schwimmbeck. Writing is inspired by conversations that came up as part of the lab but has been written subjectively, from their own perspective as a community dance artist and facilitator. The hope is for any blog content to further the conversations that were started during the residency instead of pretending to share any concrete outcomes. In hindsight Emma may not agree with what they have written – this is fine too!

Designed to support the artist in breaking down what they do and finding areas for development to focus on. A tool for overcoming the overwhelm that can arise with having time to ‘develop your practice’ and not wanting to waste it!

Values – The fundamental things you believe and aspire to.

Practice – The things you do daily, weekly or monthly to achieve your values and aspirations.

Methods – The exercises, approaches or tools that you use when working.

Questions – The things that you are curious about.

Aspirations – The experiences you would like to have or shape for others.

Jobs – The things you have to do to keep being paid to do this work!

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