Moving Together

A blog post from Alex McCabe and Stefanie Schwimmbeck’s first residency at The Workroom in Glasgow, Scotland.

On Saturday 23 July, at the midway point of Alex & Stefanie’s residency in Scotland, and the end of their time at Cove Park, they facilitated a dance workshop for families. Sitting as part of Cove Park’s Hands-On programme that connects resident artists with their local communities.

Alex and Stefanie co-facilitaed the fun, creative session for children and their grown-ups to move and make dance together. They tried out some of ideas discussed over the week, pushed themselves to work in different ways and shared in each others approaches to community-engaged dance practice.

And the participants danced, collaborated and laughed together.

That afternoon, Alex and Stefanie packed up and journeyed from Cove Park into the city of Glasgow where the second week of their residency together in Scotland.

All images by Emma Jayne Park, Alex McCabe and Stefanie Schwimmbeck

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