Arriving & breathing deeply

A blog post from Alex McCabe and Stefanie Schwimmbeck’s first residency at The Workroom in Glasgow, Scotland.

The #CROWDdance Scotland residency began on Monday 18 July…. Slightly later in the day than anticipated as the slow-travel from Cologne was slower than planned for. The residency artists Stefanie Schwimmbeck (Cologne) and Alex McCabe (Glasgow), met for the first time at Glasgow Central train station and with Anita (The Work Room), began to journey to Cove Park, for the first phase of the residency.

Cove Park is an international artists residency centre located on an outstanding rural site on Scotland’s west coast. Alex and Stefanie spent the first 6 days of their residency here along with facilitator Emma Jayne Park. Cove Park is a space that encourages you to pause, stare into the distance and take a deep breath.

As Alex, Stefanie and Emma got to know each other and began a process of sharing practice and collaborative research, they were part of the transitory community at Cove Park of other artists from different places and working in different artforms and practices.

All images by Emma Jayne Park, Alex McCabe and Stefanie Schwimmbeck

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