Banana on Air

Welcome to have laughs, smiles and move around to this recording of the SPIRAL SCRATCH radio show (if you missed it live for some reason) with a bunch of CROWDdance / Warjakka Art Residency artists Rita Marcalo, Silja Saga Maria Tuovinen, Julian Owusu and Tanja Råman chatting about community-based art making, artists’ residencies and Oulu’s art scene.

You would also get to know the DJ’s “favourite record of all times” (yes, it is connected to the name of this post) and listen to the music the dance artists picked themselves.
The DJ is TaikaBox’ cofounder visual artist John Collingswood. He also made this photo on the last jam we had within the residency in Varjakka bay around TaikaBox’ Kalamaja Art Hub .

Here is the link to the recorded show:

Here’s the page of John’s radio show:

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