Culture Never Gets Old

We were having a community-based event in Varjakka bay with the gorgeous artists and nice looking plan of multimedia jamming, and then experienced a surprising encounter.

The same time we planned to jam and dance around Kalamaja Art Hub ran by TaikaBox, a big bunch of local pensioners came to the same space and started singing with accordion, cooking sausages and playing games which are hard to describe. (So maybe check out the photo gallery).

We were lucky to make friends with the pensioners and eat sausages together and dance to their accordion and play the games.

We showed them the exhibition we had made based on sites and plants of Varjakka and told about the #CROWDdance. They listened. So did we, to them.

Jussi and Julian were talking, among other things, about the dying culture, the pensioners gathering to sing and eat sausages being just one example here in Northern Finland.

Another bunch of us were talking about how we look like and what we’re engaged with if / when we’re old.

Are we ever old?

Culture’s not for sure.

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