Translating into Dance

The last Monday of #CROWDdance Finnish residency in Varjakka, Oulu, Northern Finland, was marked by translating art forms and multilingual communication into the language of dance.

Rita, Silja, Julian and Tanja, for example, were creating a dance out of an image created by the young guest of Kalamaja Art Hub within Warjakka Art Residency to the music provided by Oulu based musician and sound artist Jussi Alaraasakka (who, in his order, was improvising with the sounds he collected in Varjakka or created being inspired by Varjakka).

They were dancing cat. They were dancing yellow. They were dancing grass and they were dancing red.

They were also dancing cabin and they were dancing thoughts.

It was very free style, the only one you get when translating into dance.

Photos by Lölä and John.

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