Frames – Listening 5.8.21

Performed and choreographed by: Hannah Sampé, Emma Lewis-Jones & Pontus Linder
Score and edit: Pontus Linder

On the last day of our residency we shot this video, with the ambition to try to explore some of the ideas that had resonated with us. The score was built on the idea of listening and responding to the many stories about Varjakka. Especially the giant sawmill, which was one of the biggest ones in Europe about 100 years ago. As part of our research we studied and reflected on different fates of the people living and working on Varjakka island. We reflected and discussed the history from the perspective of a capitalist structure, working class and gender related power dynamics.

This is some of the improvisational scores and tasks we set out to explore, each one of us with a slightly different approach:

Letting things pass through//Negotiating memory with your body//Dancing with the ghosts//Exploring, performing and releasing perceptions, whilst our ideas remain apart//Finding an emotional response

For more information and stories about Varjakka:

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